About Us


Peninsula Wine Merchants is an importer and distributor of quality South African wines. We are a Manila-based supplier, to the retail and hospitality industries. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our attention to detail.



“On two recent trips to South Africa I was able to visit a number of wine farms in the Western Cape region, near the southern tip of Africa. The area has a Mediterranean climate which is perfect for grape cultivation and is the main wine producing region in the country. South Africa was identified as a potential wine producer as far back as 1652, by the first European visitors, headed by the Dutchman Jan Van Riebeek. And the country has literally been producing wine for centuries since. The ‘Winelands’ as they are known, cover a vast area, are incredibly beautiful and I was amazed at the quality and affordability of the wine on offer there. I was particularly impressed by two farms in the Robertson area, so much so that I decided to bring the brands back to the Philippines!

They are both picturesque farms with rivers flowing through them, hence the name Sarah’s Creek for one of them! The other is Arendsig, local dialect for ‘Eagles View’. The Sarah’s Creek range is for the more budget-conscious and the Arendsig is for when one feels like spoiling oneself. That being said we in no way detract from the quality of the Sarah’s Creek range. We encourage you to compare for yourself!”


Joana Tapado